The smallest soft drinks factory in Finland

Farm soft drinks, non-alcoholic champagne: in various bottles

Anttila’s farm process part of their berries into soft drinks. In the manufacturing of soft drinks, we are helped by the Satafood Development centre, with whom we made our first soft drinks recipes.

The farm soft drinks are manufactured using domestic raw-ingredients. We can manufacture for businesses, families, special celebrations and even schools, with personal labels.

We are continuing to develop new recipes all the time. For Christmas, we manufacture Christmas soft drinks and during the summer, taste buds are caressed with the Suvenhehku (Summer glow) drinks.

Alongside the traditional berry soft drinks, we also prepare drinks from birch sap and Norwegian spruce.

We pack the lemonades in separate bottles. Soft drinks which are packed in old-fashioned patent cork bottles are particularly popular.

We are looking for new retail outlets for our soft drinks.

Alongside the soft drinks, we also prepare alcohol-free bubbly for celebrations. Acquire it for weddings, birthday parities or graduation parties as an alternative berry-based soft drink.

Our farm soft drinks are sold in our farm store and well-equipped shops throughout Satakunta.