Welcome to the Vekara’s country house, in Kokemäki

Kuva Timo Rönkkönen

During the summer, you can come and pick up pea pods, berries and raspberries for yourself, in one of the largest collection gardens in Satakunta.

Our hostel offers year-round accommodation services to tourists and business travellers. Come and visit a fully functioning Satakunta garden farm.

Vekara’s country house is located in close proximity to the centre of the town of Kokemäki, only 1.5 km.

We offer direct sales, accommodation, juice squeezing, sauna and congress services. We will heat up the farm’s smoke sauna for willing participants and present the operations of the farm to interested groups.

We are happy to receive tourist and business groups who wish to become acquainted with the Satakunta farm milieus. School and day-care groups are also welcome for country farm trips in Kokemäki’s Sonnila.

We will be delighted to present the operations of our gardens, Finland’s smallest lemonade factory and our farm museum, which contains artefacts relating to the stages of the farm for the last 250 years. You are welcome to come and relax in the country milieus on the side of the River Kokemäki.

As you depart homewards, you can also visit our farm store and purchase domestic berries or even a bucket of pea pods in the summer or farm prepared marmalades and juices throughout the year.

Frozen berries and raspberries, which were harvested during the summer, can also be picked up after the harvest season in the autumn. Did you know that Finnish raspberries can be eaten raw!